A few common sense of using the udisk

- Apr 04, 2018-

1. What is a U disk. 
The full name of the udisk is the usb flash disk, which is a flash memory, so it is also called a flash disk. The biggest characteristic is: small easy to carry, storage capacity is large, the price is cheap. It is one of the most widely used mobile storage devices. 

p1.jpg2. What is the storage principle of u-disk. 
The computer converts the binary digital signal into the compound binary digital signal (add the instruction of assignment, check, stack, etc.) to read and write to the U disk chip adaptor interface, The binary data is stored at the corresponding address of the EPROM2 memory chip through the chip processing signal, and the data storage is realized. EPROM2 data memory, its control principle is voltage control gate transistor voltage high and low (high and low potential, gate transistor junction capacitance can save voltage value for a long time, which is why the udisk can save data after power off. 
3. What is the use of a U disk. 
(1) as a removable storage device, copy the file to the udisk and carry it with you; 
(2) the U disk can be made into a boot U disk for the purpose of starting the computer; 
(3)can be used as a hard disk, install the system with the udisk;

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