About U disk's earthquake resistance

- May 07, 2018-

How much do you know about the shock resistance of your U disk? Next, we talk about this information, U disk has greatly facilitated the preservation and movement of the data, but because of its portability, everyone put forward higher requirements for the U disk's seismic resistance. Because the product's seismic performance is not good, not only the loss of the product, but also the "disaster" to save the important data!


At this stage, the U disk's seismic resistance has been highly valued by U disk manufacturers. A good U disk can carry 3 meters of free-fall impact, even if the vibration is strong, the data stored in the U disk will not Disappearance, especially for users with high requirements for data security and storage, for them a good earthquake resistance must be an important factor in purchasing products.

The first requirement of the U disk's seismic resistance is that the product itself has strong physical security performance. A good U disk must have not only a good chip but also a strong shell to ensure the safety of the product falling from a height; at the same time , The product uses thermal-molecule-curing packaging technology; together with the seamless embedded structure, the ultra-microcrystalline core element and the PCB bond are integrated to completely eliminate the disappearance of data caused by mechanical shock, and at the same time, it has excellent moisture-proof and electromagnetic interference resistance. Impact, the data storage security performance has been greatly improved. In addition, U disk also provides data copy, Final Data data error recovery and data encryption, data security protection from inside and outside, in order to create a portable castle for users to save and communicate data.

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