Basic knowledge about mobile power

- Mar 29, 2017 -

First, the polymer batteries are safer than 18650?
believe many people have heard this argument: there is a danger of explosion 18650, and polymer batteries worst-case scenario is a fire, not an explosion Therefore polymer batteries are safer than 18650. In theory this is true, the reality is not the case. 18650 using steel packaging, not easily deformed, through long-term development, and now the process has been very mature. 18650 as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and other international manufacturers produced, stable discharge performance, stable life, and achieve security through superior circuit design, the probability of explosion is very low. Polymer batteries Although in theory higher security, but lithium ions inside the core due to the electrical pasty, external use of plastic film packaging, soft texture, is easily deformed, resistant to impact, and therefore technology 
difficult, for manufacturers of high production requirements. And now able to produce high quality polymer batteries vendors are only a few big differences overvoltage protection manufacturers to use, so the current domestic market, polymer batteries are not necessarily safe than 18650.

Second, mobile power capacity the better it? 
Many people would think that the larger the battery capacity, use of time will be longer. Search sales of mobile power on Taobao, you will find that selling tens of thousands of frivolous mA power supply capacity of. So, mobile power is the bigger the better it?

Should know, and the volume of mobile power capacity is proportional to, greater capacity, it must have a greater volume. Therefore, in the purchase according to their needs, if not travel frequently, there is no need to take a "bricks and mortar" ran everywhere. Besides, now that the phenomenon of virtual object on the market is still very serious, bad companies deceived consumers with high capacity, well below the actual capacity of the product label capacity, so for these large capacity mobile power can not be gullible.

Third, the more expensive the price of mobile power better? 
Cost of the mobile electrical power mainly includes three parts of the core, the circuit board and the housing, in general, the use of mobile power 18650 is lower than the production cost of polymer batteries mobile power . And the corresponding price range to 10000mAH an example, mobile power price 18650 typically 200 to 250 yuan, and the price of the polymer mobile power batteries typically 350 to 400. Of course, a number of outstanding design, or a collection of mobile power a variety of functions, the prices may be more expensive. If coupled with the brand, the price will be several times higher. For example, I once saw a 2000mAH mobile power in the Apple store, the price will be as high as 499 yuan. In short, a measure of the merits of a mobile power supply, charging from the performance, durability, safety, efficiency, appearance and other aspects into consideration, the price is only one reference standard, we can not fully determine the quality.

Fourth, whether mobile power mobile phones and tablets will cause damage? 
Many of my friends are worried about the use of mobile phones and tablets will power damage, in fact, our mobile power and use its own tablet and other mobile phone charging adapter is the same, not the device will cause damage. Measure it will not cause damage there are two standards, one is the amount of voltage, the second is the stability of the voltage, if a mobile power can provide a suitable stable voltage, then it is safe, however, does not rule out a variety of manufacturers will produce inferior voltage is unstable, unsuitable power source line.

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