Basic knowledge about Mobile Power Bank

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Is a polymer battery safer than 18650 batteries? 
This is true in theory, but not in reality. The 18650 core uses the steel shell packing, not easy to deform, through the long-term development, now the craft has been very mature. For example, the 18650 batteries produced by Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and other international companies have stable discharge performance, stable battery life, and excellent circuit design to ensure safety. The probability of explosion is very low. Although the polymer battery is theoretically safer, the lithium ion inside the battery is paste-like, and the exterior is encapsulated with aluminum plastic film. The texture is soft, easily deformed, and does not resist collision. Therefore, the technology. 
The difficulty is very high, and the production requirement of the manufacturer is high. At present, there are few manufacturers who can produce high quality polymer core in our country, and the overvoltage protection used by different manufacturers is very different. Therefore, polymer core is not necessarily safer than 18650 core in the current domestic market. 
Basic knowledge about Mobile Power Bank
Second, the greater the mobile power capacity the better? 
Many people think that the greater the capacity of the battery, the longer it will take. Taobao on the search for mobile power sales, will find hot power supply rut is tens of thousands of Ma capacity. So, the bigger the mobile power, the better? 

It should be noted that the capacity and volume of the mobile power supply are directly proportional to the larger the capacity, the larger the volume must be. Therefore, according to their own needs when shopping, if not frequent business trips, there is no need to take a "brick" running around. Moreover, the phenomenon of false targets in the market is still very serious, bad manufacturers use high capacity to deceive consumers, and the actual capacity of products is far lower than the tagged capacity, so these super-capacity mobile power supply can not be trusted. 

Third, the more expensive the mobile power, the better? 
The cost of mobile power mainly includes three parts: battery, circuit board and housing. Generally speaking, the production cost of mobile power using 18650 cells is lower than the mobile power of polymer cells. The corresponding price range, taking 10000mAH as an example, the mobile power supply price of 18650 batteries is usually 200 to 250 yuan, while the mobile power supply price of polymer batteries is usually 350 to 400 yuan. Of course, some mobile power sources with outstanding designs or a combination of functions will be more expensive. If you add the brand effect, the price will be several times higher. For example, I once saw a 2000mAH mobile power supply in the Apple Store and the price was as high as 499 yuan. In short, to measure the merits and demerits of a mobile power supply, it is necessary to comprehensively consider charging performance, durability, security, conversion efficiency, and appearance. The price is only one of the reference standards and cannot completely determine the quality. 

4. Will mobile power damage mobile phones and tablets? 
Many friends are worried that the use of mobile power will cause damage to mobile phones and tablet computers. In fact, mobile power is charged in the same way that we use our own adapter such as a mobile phone tablet, and it will not cause any damage to the device. There are two criteria to measure whether it will cause damage, one is the voltage rating, and the other is the stability of the voltage. If a mobile power supply can stably provide the appropriate voltage, then it is safe, however, Do not rule out a variety of low-quality manufacturers will produce voltage instability, improper power supply.

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