Can the memory card be broken?

- Dec 28, 2018 -

With the development of technology, the world is surrounded by a variety of electronic products, and most of the electronic products will use the memory card, then what if the memory card is broken during the use? Was it lost to buy a new one? That would be a pity, here to tell you a little trick to fix the memory card, this is a problem that can be fixed for most of the problems. Methods as below:

1. Put the memory card into the card reader, then insert the card reader into the computer and prepare to repair it on the computer.

2. Click on my computer, find the location of the memory card, right click, select format, wait for formatting to complete

3. Then right click on my memory card, select Properties, select Start Check in the toolbar, tick Automatically fix file system errors and scan and try to recover bad sectors, then click Start, after the above steps are completed, your The memory card can basically be used.

If the above method still can't help you repair the memory card, then you should consider looking for a professional memory card repair shop to fix it.


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