Gift U disk introduction:card U disk

- May 03, 2018 -

The gift of mutual gifts by companies in their promotional activities is an opportunity to facilitate transactions. Good gifts convey strength, propaganda, and other information. It can not only improve the company's image, but also damage the company's image. From gifts presented to leaders to gifts for advertisements, the selection and presentation of commercial gifts is not an easy task. Some American companies spend billions of dollars each year on business. 

p3-2.jpgAt the vast majority of enterprise fairs in China, the most popular promotional gifts for companies are nothing more than pens, gift U-discs, desk calendars, etc., and they must all have corporate logos on them. 
Card U disk as the most intuitive and practical advertising gifts for all industries. The U disk of the card is thin in appearance and can be built with promotional data. It can be easily placed in a wallet and supports customized patterns. On both sides, various patterns, characters, animals, corporate goods, and corporate LOGOs can be printed. The advertisement area is large and can be produced. As a unique gift, let you have a unique style unique!

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