Gift u disk u disk general and the same?

- Jun 12, 2017-

Customized gifts U disk is divided into two cases: one is the general custom, the other is the depth of customization. After selecting a style is general custom characters or patterns engraved in the U disk, and the depth of customization is U-like appearance customization, directly mold the shape of the U disk is made the way you want.

Due to different materials, different U disk also has a different imprint methods. Generally divided into: screen printing, laser, color printing! Gift personality U disk, also known as U-disk, has a unique feature. An important factor by the market and this is the gift U disk customized to meet the needs of the market.

Gifts U disk and the difference between common U disk

U disk as the consumer electronics market in great demand, but in the face of many styles, like U disk. Company, business contacts, interpersonal particularity if you can not show it to your friends U disk to give you, the customer, to know when a saw in the market to buy. U disk and this would be meaningless to maintain friendships, customer relationships of Barbara. You can not highlight the sincerity, especially in the maintenance of customer relationships is the biggest taboo. The custom-made gift U disk manufacturers U disk engraved with your friend's name on the client's housing, their own company LOGO, is not it even more sincerity?

First, after the U disk factory custom gift U disk can be placed LOGO, the customer's name, the name of a friend. With obvious sincerity of the company.

Second, U disk gifts U disk chip can be freely selected.

Third, custom gift U disk can be placed not delete files, you can achieve a long-term publicity purposes.

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