How long is the life of the U disk?

- Jun 27, 2017-

We are talking about the life of U disk U disk U disk does not refer to how long it can be used, because of the different frequency and extent of care for everyone, U disk easily damaged after water or throw hard, even now many U disk They are waterproof drop resistance, and can not withstand large extent toss. So today said U disk lifetime is the U disk Endurance

U disk

U disk is rewritable times the normal life U disk, generally U-disk rewritable MLC particles 1 million or more, while the use of U-SLC particles life is up to 100,000. Maintenance of the correct plug U disk: Never pull out the flash too fast when the lights flash in a flash, because then U disk is reading or writing data, midway pull out may cause hardware damage, data. Do not close the related procedures immediately after the backup documentation is complete, because at that time the indicator on the U disk is blinking, indicating that the program is not completely over, then pull out the U disk, easily affect backup. So back up files to the flash drive should be some time before closing procedures to prevent accidents; the same token, when prompted "Can not Stop" in the system and do not easily pull out the U disk, it will also cause data loss. Note the U disk placed in a dry environment, do not let U Handicap interface to prolonged exposure to the air, or likely to cause the surface of a metal oxide and reduce the sensitivity of the interface. Do not for a long time without U disk has been inserted in the USB port, otherwise easily lead to the interface of aging on the one hand, on the other hand is also a loss of U disk.

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