How to calculate the actual capacity of U disk

- Apr 12, 2018-

Just bought an 8G U disk, the capacity that inserts on the computer display only 7: 00 several GG, also can copy 7: 00 several gigabytes of files past, buy is the U disk that is inferior? In fact, this should not be correct, or we should look at some specific circumstances, let's give you an analysis of it: 
How to calculate the actual capacity of U diskBecause the U disk manufacturer is calculated according to the conversion unit of 1G=1000M and the computer is calculated according to the 1G=1024M, the actual capacity of the USB disk with the nominal 8G capacity on the market is only 81000 / 8000M, rather than 81024 / 819m as we understand it. 

So buy is 8G U disk, display on the computer but less than 8G, as long as you can copy into the 7.5G or so files on your computer, and normal use of these files, is normal, not virtual U disk.

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