How to fix a broken USB disk quickly

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Open the control panel, management tools, computer management, storage, and disk management in turn. The interface shown in the figure appears. Right-click on the text Disk 1 and select Initialize Disk. Click OK. After the initialization is completed, the status of the U disk changes to the "online" state. (Note: The U disk's lock should be in the open state at this time, otherwise the following prompt will appear: "Since the media is write protected, the requested operation cannot be completed.")

How to fix a broken USB disk quickly

Right-click the white box on the right and choose New Disk Partition to go to the New Partition Wizard. Click Next and select the partition type (primary, extended, or logical drive). The main disk partition can be. (Note: The following dialogs will appear in order, so no screen copy is given here.)

Select disk space capacity, generally use the default size.

Assign a drive letter (or not).

Select “Format the disk partition by the following settings” and set the format (file system type, allocation unit size, volume label) (without selecting quick format).

The formatting wizard completed successfully. Click Finish and wait for it to be formatted. After the formatting is completed, the status of the U-disk is displayed as "Good condition", and you're done.


This kind of repair method can generally restore U disk. However, this repair method also has a drawback, that is, can not restore the original data on the U disk (data all lost!!!). If the original data on the U disk is not very important, this method is more practical.

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