How to maintain the U disk?

- Nov 17, 2018 -

First, buy a genuine U disk. Although the U disk is flooding in the market today, it is not cheap to buy the cottage products and the three no products produced by the inferior U disk manufacturers. Now the U disk produced by the genuine U disk manufacturers is also very inexpensive.

Second, do not let the U disk port interface be exposed to the air for a long time. When the U disk is not in use, remember to cover it or put on a protective cover. Otherwise, direct contact with air for a long time may cause metal oxidation of the interface surface and reduce interface sensitivity.

Third, do not plug the U disk that has not been used for a long time on the USB interface. On the one hand, it is easy to cause the interface to age. On the other hand, it is also a kind of loss for the U disk. Therefore, it should be pulled out in time after use. When it is necessary to use it, Insert it.

Fourth, regularly clean and disinfect the U disk files. U disk used for storage for a long time, will certainly accumulate some redundant or useless files, timely clean up to free up storage space, can improve the read and write speed of U disk to a certain extent; U disk virus is very widespread today, maybe When you recruited your U disk, you still don't know, so you need to periodically disinfect your U disk, which can avoid computer poisoning connected to the U disk, or avoid data loss or even U disk damage stored in the U disk itself. .

Fifth, develop good storage habits, plug and unplug the U disk correctly. Never unplug the USB flash drive when the flashing light of the USB flash drive is fast, because the USB flash drive is reading or writing data. Pulling out the middle may cause hardware and data damage.

6. Do not close the relevant program immediately after the backup document is completed. Because the indicator light on the USB flash drive is still flashing at that time, indicating that the program has not completely ended. At this time, the USB flash drive is pulled out, which easily affects the backup. Therefore, after the file is backed up to the USB flash drive, it should take some time to close the relevant program to prevent accidental data loss.

7. Do not easily pull out the USB flash drive when the system prompts "cannot stop". Otherwise, data may be lost.

8. Pay attention to the U disk in a dry environment, and try to avoid leaving it in a humid environment and getting water.


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