Is the gift U disk the same as the ordinary U disk?

- Apr 08, 2018-

Keywords: U disk, gift U disk. 

Gift U disk customization is divided into two main cases: one is common custom, the other is deep customization. Ordinary customization is to choose a good style on the U disk engraved on the text or pattern, and the depth of customization is the appearance of the U disk customization, directly open the shape of the U disk to make their desired appearance. 

Due to different materials, different U disk also has different printing methods. Generally divided into: screen printing, laser, color printing! Gift U disk, also known as personality U disk, with unique characteristics. This is also a gift U disk custom-made by the market is an important factor, to meet the needs of the market.

Is the gift U disk the same as the ordinary U disk?

U disk as a consumer electronic product, the market demand is very large, but faced with many styles of the same U disk. Companies, business contacts, interpersonal relationships can't show its particularity if you give your U disk to your friends, customers, when you see it know it is in the market. But this kind of U disk has lost the true maintenance friend relations, the customer relations significance.Do not highlight your sincerity, especially in the maintenance of customer relations is the biggest taboo. And the gift U disk customized by the U disk manufacturer in the customer's shell engraved on the name of your friend, their own company LOGO, is it more sincere? 

First, through the U disk manufacturer custom gift U disk can be put into LOGO, the name of the customer, the name of friends. To show the company's sincerity. 

Second, the gift U disk can freely choose the chip in the U disk. 

Third, custom gift U disk can be put into the file can not be deleted, can achieve the purpose of long-term publicity.

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