Leather U disk, business gift model

- Jun 12, 2018-

Leather U disk is made of high-quality leather shell, advanced processing technology, high-end fashion design, leather material gives a thick feeling, and durable, its high seismic performance to better protect internal components, is the pursuit of high-quality business gifts The best choice.‘’


Another feature of leather U disk is that it can be customized by imprinting, that is, the company's logo printed on the U disk leather by embossing process, which is more personalized.


The most important attribute of leather U disk is its storage function, and the reason why leather U disk can become a good business gift is precisely such a function. Enterprises can store promotional materials in different forms on the gift U disk. For example, they can use the company’s profile to create word documents, product images can be made into slides, and the company’s quotation can be made into excel tables. To achieve the purpose of publicity for the company.

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