Several options U disk formatted

- Jun 08, 2017 -

--FAT32 disk formatting of the different options U, NTFS and exFAT. When we make a U disk formatted in Microsoft Windows systems, you can choose a different format, which is the file system. Xiao Bian today introduced three most common for you: FAT32, NTFS and exFAT.

U disk customization

FAT32 format is an older system, it is less efficient than NTFS, but better compatibility. The biggest drawback is that it can not be stored in a single file larger than 4GB. While only support a maximum 2TB hard drive.

The advantage is compatible with most digital products. It can also be used to read and write on different systems Windows, Linux and Mac.

NTFS hard disk format is the most widely used system developed by Microsoft for all versions of Windows.

It eliminates the capacity limit of FAT32 and is compatible with a number of multimedia devices and television (you need to confirm your specifications). It read but not write on the Mac.

exFAT is a substitute for FAT32, as opposed to NTFS, exFAT can support more devices and operating systems. It files and partition size limitations is very small, can allow you to store individual files larger than 4GB of. exFAT is an ideal choice for reading and writing and the use of USB flash drive on your computer and Mac.

How, then, U disk format it?

Insert U disk, open File Explorer, right-click the U disk, select "Format", a new window will pop up, you can choose according to need before formatting.

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