U disk usage

- Nov 08, 2018 -

The U disk has a USB interface that is a USB device. If the operating system is Windows2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win7/Linux/PrayayaQ3 or Apple system, insert the USB flash drive directly into the front panel of the chassis or the USB interface on the back, and the system will automatically recognize it. If the system is Windows 98, you need to install the U disk driver to use. The driver can be found on the supplied CD or on the manufacturer's website.

The first time you use a USB flash drive on a computer (when you plug the USB flash drive into the USB port), the system will beep and report "Found New Hardware". Later, you will be prompted: "The new hardware is already installed and ready to use." (Sometimes it may need to be restarted.) Now open "My Computer" and you can see that there is a hard disk icon. The name is usually the brand name of the USB flash drive. For example, Kingston, the name is KINGSTON. After this step, if you use a USB flash drive later, plug it in directly, and then you can open "My Computer" to find the removable disk. At this point, note that at the far right of the taskbar, there will be a small icon, which looks like a gray. There is a green arrow next to the thing, which means to safely delete the USB hardware device. (The USB flash drive is one of the USB devices.) Next, you can save and delete the file on the USB flash drive, or send the file directly to the USB flash drive by right-clicking it, but note that the USB flash drive is used. After closing all the windows about the USB flash drive, before unplugging the USB flash drive, double-click the safely delete USB hardware device icon in the lower right corner, then select “Stop” and then left click “OK”. When prompted in the lower right corner: "USB device can now be safely removed from the system", you can unplug the USB flash drive from the chassis, or click the icon directly, and click "Safely remove USB device".


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