what can we do when U disk empty folder can not be deleted?

- May 14, 2018-

In the U disk's daily use, we occasionally find that there are some empty folders in the U disk. When you want to delete it, the system will pop up the message "Cannot delete the folder, the directory is not empty." Some users will directly choose to format and delete, but once formatted it means that all files will be deleted, so we adopt another simpler method to solve this problem. Today to share the way to delete the u disk empty folder. 

U disk1. First of all, insert the u disk into the computer, then click "My Computer" - find the u disk, right-click - select the attribute 
2, enter the properties tab, select "Tools", and then find "error "Function, click "Start Check" 
3, finally check the "automatically repair file system error" and "scan and try to restore bad sectors" two options, and then click "Start" on it.

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