What is a business gift USB flash drive? What are its characteristics?

- Dec 14, 2018 -

Whether at home or internationally, every year, the corporate customers give gifts to each other, and it has become a habit to maintain friendly exchanges between the two parties. The form of gifts is varied, which also affects many companies who want to give gifts at the same time. Advertise the company and look forward to achieving a win-win result that not only maintains relationships through gift giving, but also promotes the company and raises awareness. In this context, a U-shaped business gift that meets the above requirements was born; U disk must be familiar to everyone, then what is a business gift U disk? What features does it have? This is the problem we are going to explore below.

Business gift U disk, also known as business image U disk, materials are metal, plastic, wood, PVC, etc., such as the more popular card-style business gift U disk, the shell is made of ABS material, the appearance is the same as the standard bank card, card The size of the business gift U disk is generally 85*52MM and the thickness is 1.2*2MM. Moreover, the card-type business gift U disk can print a variety of exquisite color patterns due to its large printing area, and it has become an excellent advertising carrier, and has become the first choice for the business communication electronic gift industry. Of course, the business gift U disk can also be designed by the company to design the style, and arrange the manufacturer to open the mold for custom production. This kind of business gift U disk is more appropriate with the company's own concept, in line with the actual interests of the enterprise, and also has better advertising effects.

Business gift U disk, in actual use, in addition to printing the company's LOGO in appearance, you can also store the company's advertising videos and product introductions in the U disk chip, and set it to automatically play; from long-term publicity In terms of perspective, the service life of the business gift U disk is generally 5-6 years (good 8-10 years no problem), which is equivalent to the company spent a lot of money, made a few years of advertising, and the recipient used every time Business gift U disk, it is more contact with the enterprise information in the U disk. Over time, through the promotion and actual use experience of the beer between customers, it is more credible and authentic, which helps the customer volume increase and improve the product of the enterprise. market share.

Through the above simple analysis, we can see that the business gift U disk, in addition to having good practical performance (can be used as a storage device), compared to other TV, website, obvious endorsement, etc. need to spend huge sums of money In terms of advertising channels, the business gift U disk also has the effect of spending a small amount of money to do big things and long-term profitable commercial advertising; it can be described as a purchase and enjoy lifelong service.


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