What is the reason that the U disk cannot be uninstalled?

- Jun 01, 2018 -

In the daily use of U disk, we will often appear this situation: U disk plugged into the computer after use, according to the normal operation, click on the lower right corner of the taskbar "Unplug or eject hardware", and then select the U disk you want to eject, There is no dialog box saying "USB Mass Storage Device can now safely be unloaded from the system." Instead, "Cannot stop general-purpose volume devices now. Please wait for a moment to stop the device." And after inspection, the files in the U disk are not in use, and there is no data transmission between the computer and the U disk. Why did this happen?


After repeated studies, it is initially guessed that when the U disk is inserted, a corresponding process will be added to the task manager. When the hardware is pulled out, the corresponding process is automatically ended. When this process does not end normally, the hardware cannot be properly extracted. Out. In order to verify this conjecture, we first open the task manager, enter the "process" column, notice that the bottom left corner shows: "the number of processes: 23", then insert the U disk, and then focus on the "number of processes", However, when the system finds the hardware and everything shows up, the number of processes does not change to 24 as the author thinks, but keeps 23 unchanged. It seems that there is no corresponding number of processes when the U disk is inserted. This phenomenon is not well explained.

Just when we reluctantly click on the tray icon and want to uninstall the U disk, suddenly found that when you click on "Stop USB Drive" the number of processes becomes 24, which means that the offload hardware is "responsible" by a process. When the hardware is uninstalled, this The process also ended at the same time. After many tests, the name of this process was found to be rundll32.exe

From this, we can conclude that: U disk can not be properly uninstalled, the process column must have no end of rundll32.exe (of course, some rundll32.exe may be related to the running program in the system), these few The end of the rundll32.exe process, U disk will be able to normal uninstall.

Tips: If you can't stop the device often, you can create a batch file, enter "taskkill / im rundll32.exe", save it as delusb.bat, run it when it fails. This method is more convenient.

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