What should I do if the U disk is broken and cannot be recognized?

- Aug 11, 2020-

    What should I do if the U disk is broken and cannot be recognized? flash memory key is an information storage tool that we often use in our work, study and life. It is loved by people because of its large capacity, low price, and small portability. Therefore, flash drive with logo has also become an information vehicle for some of our important information. . However, due to long-term use of the U disk due to performance degradation or user misuse and other reasons, sometimes data loss or accidental deletion occurs. How can we recover our lost data at this time? At this time, you must remember not to perform read and write operations to prevent permanent loss of data from being overwritten, and use professional software to restore it as soon as possible, because the shorter the time of data loss, the greater the possibility of recovery.

At this time, there is almost no rescue operation that can be carried out through the computer system. It is necessary to rely on professional data recovery software. Take Hi Format Data Recovery Master as an example, the operation steps of using professional software to recover data are as follows:

The first step is to log in to the official website of Hi Format Data Recovery Master, download and follow the steps to install the software;

The second step is to insert the USB flash drive into the USB interface, and the software can automatically recognize the flash drive pen. At this time, select the "U flash drive/memory card recovery" function in the "scene mode" to scan your own USB flash drive data. The length of the scanning time is determined by the amount of data information. At the same time, the stable connection of the fast usb drive must be ensured during the scanning process to completely scan the data information and complete the recovery;

The third step, after the scan is complete, find the data you want to recover in the scan results and select and click recover. If there is too much information, you can also adjust the sorting method to find the data information you want to recover. It should be noted that when restoring files, the restored file and the original storage path cannot be the same. This is to prevent the original data from being overwritten or lost or some other errors.

The above is an introduction to the repair method that the U disk is broken and unrecognized. How to recover the lost data from the flash drive bulk, the key point to remember is to stop reading and writing immediately to prevent the data from being overwritten or lost, and then seek the help of professional software. As mentioned in the article, the Hi Format Data Recovery Master is an expert level Data recovery software supports data recovery from various storage devices such as recycle bin empty file recovery, flash drive, memory card, etc., and supports many functions such as fast scan and deep scan. For users who are not familiar with computer operations, Hi Format Data Recovery Master also provides a more convenient "wizard mode" for retrieval, and you can try the scanning function for free, go and try it!

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