Power Bank Is Also Part Of Life

- Jun 12, 2017-

Power Bank is also part of life
Charger Po popular, each one a mobile phone, then there is a charge Po, and now the mobile phone and digital products more and more high-end intelligence, each high-end smart phones are equipped with the basis of the phone charge treasure, so the charge is also life Part of the.

Charging treasure in today's stage is not only the consumption type of electronic goods, work and life everywhere. Also became people in daily life, go out the game will bring the tools. As the charging treasure can carry the charge and discharge, in the outdoor mobile phone digital products do not have electricity, then just charge the treasure can show its functional meaning, especially in the mobile digital devices in people's daily life and work more and more The more important today, Power Bank also increasingly highlights its significance as an important tool for life and work.

Today, the rapid development of mobile digital products, it is not difficult to imagine that each person a hand phone, each family must digital camera, mp3, mp4 popular scene. But with the increase in digital products, multimedia applications, high power consumption, battery life is far behind the rhythm. And the diversity of digital products is the need for the emergence of the market, you can give all digital products to charge and power supply of portable power, so charging treasure just solve this problem, so the popularity of charging treasure is a matter of time.

Power Bank products play a key role in life, but also gradually integrated into our lives, so the charge in the industry will be more and more high-end intelligent, showing a different charge of Po technology innovation products.
Charging method

I. It is recommended to use the safety requirements in accordance with the requirements of the 1a and the voltage standard adapter to charge the charge, fast, safe and guaranteed. In addition, to remind you not because the data line is too short and hanging charging charge, hanging charging will lead to damage to the charge.

2. Use the data cable to connect the computer USB port to charge the charge. It is estimated that many of my friends have done this, but this method is not recommended because the current requirements of less than, slow, long-term use will damage the rechargeable batteries.

3. Power Bank data cable to use enough to charge the speed of 1a will reach a high rate of energy saving state. Huajia strong charge treasure pcba board is used above the foot 1a input, so with more than 1a charger and charging cable than the general charge of a lot faster.

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