Are You Using A Charge For Your Power Bank?

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Are you using a charge for your Power Bank?
   In recent years, Power Bank has become a necessity in personal life. A few days ago, with the domestic first charge of the implementation of mandatory standards, the safety of the charge of the mandatory mandatory. After investigation found that, at present, the charge of the market dragon snake mixed, and now Power Bank has become us never left the power storage tools, but we charge the safety of the treasure and know how much? In fact, manufacturers in the production of rechargeable treasure is still there is no compliance, the price difference between the product is particularly large situation. The industry said that the implementation of the domestic first charge of mandatory standards, some of the business did not meet the standard and its non-compliance products will be excluded from the snake mixed market.
  Charging Po first national standard implementation, let us in the purchase with the rest assured that peace of mind.
   Power Bank market dragon snake mixed
   We visited a number of Power Bank store found in the current market is difficult to find in accordance with the new national standard production of the Power Bank. Businesses selling the treasure products, the capacity from 2500 mA to 20000 mA, and so the unit price from twenty or thirty yuan to two hundred dollars. Of course, some power capacity is very similar but the price difference is large. To thousands of milliamps up and down the Power Bank, for example, some brands priced at 90 yuan, and some brands only 45 yuan price. Visible charge of the market treasure snake mixed.
   A few days ago, Ms. Wang spent 35 yuan to buy a pale pink cottage Power Bank. Small size, and beautiful and cheap, is an important reason for Ms. Wang to buy. But for security, Ms. Wang has said that not on a battery, it should be no problem. Not just like Ms. Wang think that many store owners also said so.
  Power Bank market "hidden rules"
 Power Bank capacity virtual standard is already a very common phenomenon in this industry. A business owner to recommend me a 20000 mAh Power Bank, that can give Apple and Samsung mobile phone charge more than 7 times. Our iPhone 5s, for example, its battery capacity of 1440 mA. And 20000 mA of the charge can not be pushed for the iPhone5s 13 times no problem? Face my question, many helpless shopkeeper admitted that the charge capacity of the virtual standard has long been the market "hidden rules"
  Substandard manufacturers will be eliminated
  In the conversation the owner said the Power Bank need a period of digestion. Now there are many non-compliance on the market charge of the treasure, you want to digest all of these rechargeable treasure, but also need some days.
  Charging Po first national standard implementation, but also necessary. One can regulate the charge of this market, two can be some non-compliance manufacturers and their products eliminated. Therefore, the entire charge of the treasure market will face a reshuffle.
  We have seen a lot of cases on the charge of treasure explosion, but after all, is a minority. As long as we use the correct charge of the treasure can be largely to avoid a similar security incidents.
  1, the purchase of high visibility, big brand authentic licensed. Do not look at cheap covet small cheap, because you can not judge what is the internal use of rechargeable batteries, perhaps second-hand batteries.
  2, in the portable to consider the issue of heat, do not Power Bank the surface of the goods or clothing charge, if the charge is too high internal heat, will cause short circuit and so on.
  Overall, most of the Power Bank on the issue of security, we just have to grasp the correct use of the method. Then the charge will become a treasure charge for everyone!

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