Be Careful, Cloud Storage Is Not As Reliable As You Think!

- Nov 06, 2018 -

Cloud storage is a new concept extended and developed in the concept of cloud computing. It is an emerging network storage technology that refers to functions such as cluster applications, network technologies or distributed file systems. A large number of different types of storage devices work together through application software to jointly provide a system for data storage and service access functions.

    With the development of Internet technology, when it comes to data storage, the first reaction in many people's minds is online storage. The so-called online storage means that the storage device and the storage data are kept in an "online" state at any time, and the user can read at any time, and can satisfy the fast access of the front-end application server or the database to the data.

    Early online storage devices had hard disks and disks built into the server. Now, cloud storage derived from the concept of cloud computing has become a new bright spot. But what comes with it is that the hidden dangers of cloud storage are also in the shadow. In today's era of data explosion, the storage and utilization of massive data seems to be solved with the emergence of cloud technology. As a kind of online storage method, cloud storage has become more and more hot, and everyone has said that there are "clouds."

    People can easily list the convenience of cloud storage: large capacity, scalability, and unlimited storage capacity; affordable, users do not have to worry about the power, space, cooling and upgrades caused by data storage; easy to use, users No need to carry storage tools such as hard disks, as long as there is a network, you can log in to the cloud to view data anytime and anywhere; resource sharing, everyone put their own data on the "cloud" and share resources together... Internet companies have launched cloud storage products, a cloud storage " The supermarket is forming. However, even if cloud storage is so convenient, one question that cannot be ignored is that cloud storage is secure?

    In a practical example: If you are currently using a mobile phone to collect an important article online, forgetting the password means that the collected article is missing. Cloud storage is only a means to achieve data sharing between different terminals is the purpose of "cloud." Since data transmission is involved, a difference pool will inevitably occur during transmission. Even though cloud service providers have repeatedly upgraded their encryption services, their security vulnerabilities have not been fully compensated. As a result of hacking today, data breaches and thefts are still commonplace.

    In June 2011, Citibank’s banking system was attacked by hackers, and a large number of credit card holders’ data were stolen. In December of the same year, China’s largest developer IT technology community CSDN server was “black” and a large number of user passwords were exposed. 40 million users of Tianya Community and 12 million users of Dangdang were leaked. It is still fresh and shocking, as well as the 2013 Snowden Incident and the 2014 Apple iCloud Leakgate.

    The uncertainty of cloud storage affects every aspect of social processes, from personal privacy to medium-to-business confidentiality to national information security. More and more data loss and privacy leaks indicate that the Internet is at risk and the security technology of cloud storage needs to be further strengthened.

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