Brushed Metal Thin U Disk Card Customization

- Apr 28, 2017 -

Electronic products and not only to achieve the ultimate portable, is the embodiment of a technology process. Wosen Ke brushed metal thin electronic card U disk, only the thickness of only 2mm, slim design, you can easily put the wallet. More variety of colors: silver, luxury-gold, black, rose gold

Metal U disk card colorful

Metal U disk card can not only color pattern can also be screen printing and laser, it is excellent advertising vehicle, and there is the custom U disk card company can have a pre-written promotional materials.

Laser effects:

Metal U disk card

screen effect:

Metal U disk card

color effect:

Metal U disk card

the UV color effects:

Metal U disk card

Brushed metal U disk card tips:

how to use Metal U disk card

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