Buy USB Stick Had To Know The Basics

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Buy USB Stick had to know the basics
But also to put a long holiday, the highway is free, and many will choose to travel. In recent days the increase in the number of USB Stick demand can be said to be very significant. It is durable, continuous current and very strong compatibility, as the most appropriate backup power. But Xiaobian here to remind consumers: in the purchase of USB Stick before you must figure out its material, manufacturers, capacity, current, do not buy at random. No, what may be bought is useless.
First, look carefully at the USB Stick manufacturer. Many very poor products are not marked by the manufacturers. Because they will not dare to come out to take responsibility. This we call it three no product. Formal products are all aspects of the procedures are very complete. There are some fish in troubled waters to print some fake things. But the product should be better than those who did not even better.
Second, be sure to know the capacity of the USB Stick. We have to make a full budget. How many batteries can be used a day. Need a few days. What is the USB Stick final conversion? And so on to be able to calculate the capacity you need the budget. Capacity can not be too big. Big charge time will be very long If you are willing to spend a few days to give it full of flowers when I did not say.
Third, it is important to understand the current of the USB Stick. Although most of the digital products charge voltage is 5V. You do not have to doubt this. But all the digital products of the charging current is basically not the same. Is a range. Many of the more outdated products of the charging current can only be in a very small range. The USB Stick's general current is 0.8A 1A 1.2A 2A and so on. If the current is too high, many digital products will have high current protection. The current exceeds its maximum will automatically disconnect, resulting in no charge.
I was a favorite in the post bar irrigation professional water army. Due to work needs, often out of some large industry portal. Current use of power network market development. Whenever I take out the USB Stick picture, many people will be ridiculed, it is estimated that the bomb. Although I just laugh and not language. Because our USB Stick is the use of high security Samsung batteries, into a variety of violent tests can be stable as Taishan. But this also largely reflects the majority of consumers on the USB Stick attitude. That is, in many consumer psychology USB Stick is estimated that the kind of explosive fragile dangerous products. Is the USB Stick so dangerous? Let's take a closer look at the following.
First of all, we should understand which batteries will explode. We all know that the world famous second-hand garbage collection base - Dongguan City, often focus on dealing with some waste mobile phones, razors, and so on electronic products. In the above to remove some of the old batteries to use. As well as many parts of the country are collected waste mobile phones, and those who charge the batteries will then flow into the USB Stick market. The possibility of this kind of cell accident is very high.
Second, in the end is 18650 batteries safe, or polymer lithium batteries safe. We look at this problem from a very professional point of view. Too professional we do not understand. 18650 is a layer of relatively thick iron bag this cell. Not a very bad problem, a small battery of energy is not washed so thick metal. And this kind of batteries inside there are safety protection valve. When the inside of the poor conditions, the protection valve will open. It will not hurt the user. The polymer is filled with a clinker bag. It's still easy to get a little explosion. But because the clinker bag capacity is very poor, so the explosion is generally a small explosion. Still will not hurt the user. The only thing that needs to be paid special attention is that the polymer will fire when there is a problem. Fire and ruthless, hope to use the polymer friends to properly store your USB Stick.

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