China's First Mobile Power GB Will Be Implemented

- Jun 05, 2018 -

In order to allow consumers to use safer mobile power products, China's national standard for mobile power, GB/T 35590:2017, “General Specification for Portable Power Supply for Portable Information Devices for Information Technology” will be formally implemented starting from July 1, 2018, and all production Manufacturers will have to produce and test mobile power products in accordance with this standard specification.

As the national standard of mobile power is more, I chose to focus on four of them.


1, appearance and logo

The appearance is good or bad is the consumer can intuitively understand the only way to work mobile power, after all, a mobile power can not buy back to open to see work? Therefore, this time, the national standard for mobile power supplies requires that the surface of the mobile power supply must be clean, the body must not be deformed, and the contacts should not be rusted. At the same time, the surface must have a mobile power name, model name, and manufacturer's name.

2. The effective output capacity of mobile power is not less than 80% of rated capacity

"The effective output capacity of mobile power is not less than 80% of the rated capacity." What does this mean? Simply speaking, it is the mobile power battery cell, the voltage is 3.7V, the charging voltage of the mobile device is usually greater than 3.7V, and the mobile power needs to rise above the voltage of the mobile device to charge when charging. In the process of boosting the mobile power, due to the loss of the boost circuit itself, 100% of the total energy cannot be output, and the conversion rate is related to the output current. Usually 1A output current is higher than 2A output conversion rate. The forthcoming implementation of the national standard for mobile power supplies states that the effective output capacity of a mobile power supply is not less than 80% of the rated capacity, that is, the energy conversion rate must be higher than 80% to pass the standard.

At present, there are many mobile power supply manufacturers have virtual power supply capacity problems, an e-commerce network casually search for "large-capacity mobile power supply", among the top of which has a self-proclaimed 80000 mA mobile power, when viewing evaluation, found that Consumers generally stated that there is a suspicion of capacity and that they do not meet the normal charging level of 80000 mAh. Of course, there are also a bit more honest businesses. They indicate that their mobile power capacity is 10000 mAh, but they do not specify the rated capacity on the product or product page. This type of behavior is false.

3, mobile power cycle life is not less than 300 times

Power cycle life refers not to the number of charges but to a charge and discharge cycle. A charging cycle means that the battery's full charge to empty, and then from empty to full, is not the same as charging a battery. If you still can't understand this problem, then think back to the iPhone's "down-clock". Why do you want to lower the frequency? Because the cycle life of the battery is reduced, power consumption will increase if the frequency is not reduced. I explain this you are not clear what is the power cycle life?

According to the national standard for mobile power, the rated power of mobile power is not less than 60%, and the cycle life of mobile power is required to be not less than 300 times. In other words, the rated capacity of the mobile power supply must be greater than 60% after 300 charge cycles. There are many manufacturers on the market in order to save costs, reduce the power standard, and even some mobile power batteries in the cycle of charging about 100 times there will be unable to charge or slow charging, intangible for consumers to increase the cost of purchase.

4, mobile power should have multiple security protection

Security is the root of mobile power. If there is no security, mobile power is a "time bomb." Most of the security incidents caused by mobile power reported by media in recent years are caused by the selection of inferior mobile power. Therefore, in terms of safety, the national standard for mobile power supplies requires that mobile power supplies that do not leak, catch fire, and leak without abnormalities such as overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, overload, misoperation, collision, or drop.

to sum up

Through the analysis of the soon-to-implement national standards for mobile power, we can find that any mandatory regulations are based on the use of safety, after all, mobile power is born to be safe to serve every user. The Bulls' mobile power supply (youth version) is on the basis of the original and further brings consumers a safer experience. The author believes that the release and implementation of the national standard for mobile power will surely bring a brand new start to the current mobile power industry.

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