Common Failures Of Thumb Flash Drives

- May 15, 2020-

Common failures of Thumb flash drives

Thumb flash drives Please insert the disk into the drive

Cause of failure: caused by changing the drive letter when transferring data to the credit card usb.

Symptom: Windows XP SP2 operating system, custom usb drives is Tsinghua Unisplendour 0EM

1. After inserting the U disk, Removable Disk (H :) is displayed in My Computer, but Double-click displays Please insert the disk into the drive (H :)

2. Check the properties of Removable Disk (H :), both Used Space and Available Space

0 bytes

3. Right-click Format directly and prompt There is no disk in drive H. Please insert a disk and try again

4. In Disk Management of Computer Management, the drive letter H:cannot be seen on the top, and Disk 1 can be moved without media below.

5. Reinstall the driver, prompting The wizard cannot find a more suitable software for your hardware than the software you have installed now

6. Use ManageX tool to repair, the corresponding formatting and other function options are gray and unavailable; formatting with Iformat tool, the system can not recognize the usable USB device

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