Common Problem Solving Of Powerbank

- Apr 08, 2017-

Although today the rapid development of science and technology at home, but on digital products or accessories, the problems are more or less, which can not guarantee its own production of electronic products without any problems, but there are differences in size of the problem. Even now the hot market of mobile power is the same, here we come to analyze the causes of several mobile power can not boot.


1, the check is not low battery 
mobile power may not be charged at the factory when the power is zero, resulting in mobile power can not be turned on. This solution is very simple case, the power supply to charge the mobile power of 3-5 minutes.

2, automatic protection check is not 
moved in a case where the power supply overcurrent or short-circuit face of the protective plate will automatically enable protection, and then shut down. Mobile power charging time may be, can be reactivated.

3, the operation check error is not 
a general mobile power, power is required press the power button 3-5 seconds. Many first-time users just press a switch that will turn up. Because different manufacturers design, there are different ways boot, if a mistake is recommended to look at the manual.

4, check the product is not damaged 
If, after the above methods tried, tried mobile power still can not boot, then it is very likely that mobile power supply is broken.If the warranty period, only the direct-sales maintenance.

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