Correct Use To Eliminate Hidden Dangers How To Prevent Pen Drive From Spontaneous Combustion

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Correct Use to Eliminate Hidden Dangers How to Prevent Pen Drive from Spontaneous Combustion
In view of the recent frequent Pen Drive explosion or spontaneous combustion and other events, in particular, even the millet mobile power supply continuous security problems, although the official confirmed fake, but consumers are slowly questioning Pen Drive downside security? Recently, there are often friends How to prevent Pen Drive spontaneous combustion explosion? How to use mobile power to be safe enough? Xiao Bian in this deliberately described, hoping to help the mobile power of the white.
 So for the average user should be how to control it? Xiaobian here for everyone to list two points,
First, Pen Drive is also very squeamish, on the ventilation, room temperature, dry case, not in the overheated, humid environment to use and save. Do not touch the fire, do not sun exposure, some very harsh environment please avoid.
Second, the choice of charger is very critical, do not buy some cheap Taobao but the capacity of a large charger, a look is fake, or quality is not guaranteed, to some high-quality charger provider official website, or flagship store to buy Formal charger, a penny of goods, the sky point of the pie thing, very little, do not whimsical.
Third, in the usual attention to the appearance, and sometimes there are some abnormalities please do not use, immediately replace, do not feel bad, throw the throw, there is the phenomenon of drums, it is best not to use. Try to replace.
Fourth, to charge the Pen Drive try to use high-quality charger, do not use it in a crude way to put pressure on it, usually pay attention not to pressure, fall, strong shock, so as not to cause short circuit phenomenon, let her in the charging short circuit burn The danger of detonation.
5, charge the head as much as possible with the original, or buy the same parameters of the charging head. Pen Drive is the same, especially when charging, to use the same parameters of the charging cable, adapter.
 Six, do not wait for mobile phones and other digital products to run out before the charge: a lot of people think that the phone should be used when the shutdown charge, so the battery is good, but also power. In fact, the opposite is true, mobile phone battery exhausted, and then Pen Drive charge will lead to charging current rise, resulting in more unnecessary heat, more electricity.
Because the rechargeable device's lithium battery is low, the Pen Drive will charge it with Pen Drive, and the Pen Drive will discharge at a high-power constant current output, which is an injury to Pen Drive and the phone. When we go out, as long as the phone and other equipment in the idle state, and the power is not full, it is best to use Pen Drive to the phone for small current charging, so as to reduce the Pen Drive in the larger current output state caused more waste The
7, the best use of genuine lithium battery: Under normal circumstances, Pen Drive use temperature can reach 60 ℃, this temperature will not make Pen Drive explosion, but too high temperature will damage the lithium battery, so that the internal electrolyte evaporation, Leaked out through the battery bleed valve, resulting in spray flames, this situation is also very dangerous. If you need a trip, do not forget to pull Pen Drive.
 Because of the long charge, the battery inside the closed if the short circuit in a short time to make the battery high temperature, and the battery inside the liquid and a small amount of water into a gas, the formation of high temperature and high pressure, it will lead to explosion. This is the most frequent occurrence of low-grade batteries, so the use of genuine lithium battery is to ensure that the risk will not be the most effective way.
The problem to be meaningful, to be related to the phone, such as: "mobile 4G call down why not 3G, 3000 yuan budget, which phone worth buying?" And irrigation content such as "Xiao Bian is SB, Xiao Bian naughty" Are not respected, of course, if you really made, Xiaobian I can only bear, in the Saturday on the line "thread 囧 election" in the outbreak (Sang heart ~ ~ ~).
8, the use of Pen Drive the number of times not too frequent, charge discharge should not be too frequent, too often will shorten the life expectancy, and will increase the risk of danger.

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