Difference Of PVC U Disk And Silicone U Disk

- Apr 10, 2017 -

pvc U disk and silicone U disk is now very common to both U-disk, but how many people know how to distinguish pvcU plate and silicone U disk it? pvc and silica gel are used in the U refers to the housing material, gave the following we talk about how disk of PVC and silicone U-U of the distinction: 
1, determined in accordance with the tactile sensation. Silicone material having a certain texture of meat, touch up fleshy, soft, and PVC is no such feeling. 
2, directly burned. Burned with a lighter U-shell, if there is a white silica gel powder occurs, the PVC is burned directly. 
3, with the smell U disk, generally silicone is without odor, but there are some PVC plastic odor, especially some manufacturers use inferior U-PVC material, the taste will be very heavy. Environmentally friendly PVC will smell, but it will be a little bit lighter. 
This was not to look down upon a few little tricks that can help solve a big problem! By understanding these, then I went without fear of being your supplier or U disk manufacturers fooled.


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