Five Benefits Of Custom U Disk

- Apr 22, 2017 -

Now, there are many enterprises in order to better promote the company brand, you need to customize the U disk, now Wosen Ke Electronic on this issue to talk about the benefits of the five custom U disk:

1. U disk customized high cost. MOQ general custom U disk is about 100, U disk surface can be printed on the company's brand LOGO, in order to enhance corporate brand image.

2.U disk itself has a practical, scientific and technological nature, using a wide range, able to satisfy both work and play.

3.U disk when customizing can advance copy into the corporate promotional materials, can also be set to automatically play or pop-up, can better enhance the brand awareness.

4. U-disk can be customized and a wide variety of styles, optional strong, companies may find their satisfaction with the style as needed.

5. Electronic Wosen Ke also provide a model for the design service companies, as long as the quantity to meet the requirements, can be designed in any style U disk mold.

Custom USB Flash Drive

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