Flash Chip And Flash Memory Capacity

- Nov 24, 2018-

Flash is actually a general term. It is a common name for non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM). It is characterized by the fact that data does not disappear after power-off and can be used as external memory. The so-called memory is volatile memory, divided into two major categories of DRAM and SRAM, of which memory is often referred to as DRAM, which is known as DDR, DDR2, SDR, EDO, and so on. There are also different types of flash memory, which are mainly divided into two categories: NOR type and NAND type. Because most of the control chips in the control chip have 27-30 of the 4 pins, it can control up to four FLASH to work at the same time. Based on this principle, a 128M flash drive can be combined in a variety of ways, either by eight 16M flash memories or by four 32M flash memories. But although the capacity is the same, there will be a big difference in performance. Because the smaller the number of flash memory, the stronger the control capability of the chip to the flash memory, the faster the transmission speed, and the stability of the product, and the error is not easy to store when storing data. This is the same reason that a 128M ratio is used for the memory stick on the computer with two 64M stable fast. Moreover, flash drives processed with multiple flash memories are relatively large and bulky, and do not meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements for flash drives. So everyone should try to choose a small number of flash drives. The identification is very simple, as can be seen directly from the shape, the large flash drive may use multiple combinations. Of course, some people use polished flash memory chips to make inferior flash drives, often using the previous generation or second-hand flash memory chips to make flash drives. This flash drive has great quality hazards and data security is not protected at all. At the time of purchase, check to see if the product uses mainstream flash chips.

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