Here Are Some Tips On How To Buy A USB Stick Correctly!

- Jul 05, 2017-

Here are some tips on how to buy a USB Stick correctly!

With growing mobile storage technology, increasing the capacity of USB Sticks, read and stored speed faster and faster, smaller and smaller volume, gradually replaced the heavy mobile hard disk, become a indispensable tools - with a lot of office worker.

Consumers how to correctly choose and USB Sticks, professional market branch of law enforcement personnel to consumers a few action: first, the choose and buy when the USB Sticks, as far as possible in formal credibility good stores, such as the quality assurance of electronics stores and specialty stores, select relatively well-known manufacturers products at home and abroad, and to ask for bill and the credit card; Try to buy USB Stick with long warranty time. Many of those USB Sticks, which are large in size but very low in price, are a lot of inferior products.

Second, when buying a USB Stick, plug it in and check it on the computer. After inserting the USB Stick, check the capacity. 4 gUSB Stick, for example, if an attribute display capacity is just 4 G, USB Sticks that are likely to be problematic, - generally speaking, the actual capacity of USB Sticks will be slightly lower than the target capacity, such as 4 gusb computer memory stick actual display capacity is about 3.76 G, but not too low. Then, we can look at the USB Sticks hardware, if it is quality goods available in USB Sticks, click on the hardware, will show the USB Stick model, if it is fake, will also be on the trail.

In addition, consumers also can let the seller kao into - the capacity of USB Sticks and relevant documents, such as use 4 gUSB Stick kao 3.5 G files, if copy process interrupted, or copy speed is slow, the capacity of USB Sticks very likely is a virtual target, is a false and inferior product, the use of expanding vessel expansion after consumers - don't buy and complaints to report to the relevant departments in time.

Many consumers don't only one USB Sticks, and usually used laptop USB Sticks with you, if you want to on the USB interface using multiple USB Sticks at the same time, choose the small USB Sticks will be more convenient to use.

I don't know if anyone has ever encountered a USB Stick that can't be turned on after being plugged into a computer. Double-click the USB Stick to format the USB Stick. Someone came across this bizarre USB Stick. You can't use it after plugging in the computer, and you are prompted to "use the drive J: you need to format the CD before you use it". It's still not good to pull out and try to plug in the computer a few times. It's all a reminder that you need to format.

There is no way, then follow the prompt to hard drive USB Stick to format, who knows to format later still cannot use. , popular science: general situation that you buy to use "black" USB Sticks. What is a "black"? Black piece is eliminated chip plant defective goods, no in the factory, and the type of chip. Then "dirty" businessman with chip to do such as USB Sticks, often you will find that the nominal capacity on the package and the reality, but you plugged into the laptop look not to come out in the attribute of USB Sticks, 16 gb capacity, on the package inside the computer attribute is 16 gb. But do you really put some large files after you will find that things are not so, may let 8 gb of memory.)

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