How Long Does It Take To Fill Power Bank?

- Oct 26, 2017 -

How long does it take to fill Power Bank?
In the Power Bank market to today, although many people have a very understanding of Power Bank. And the major businesses have done a variety of publicity. But ignored a lot of details on the problem. For example, we have to talk about the time required to fill the Power Bank and the calculation method.
People often put Power Bank capacity called mA, in fact, this is a wrong name. The real name is the millennium. Is how much milliamperes of current can flow for an hour. We know that 1 is equal to 1000 milliamperes. Such as 5000 mAh Power Bank, he can output a large current of 1A about 5 hours. If you charge him, calculate the loss, it takes about 6.5 hours to fill the Power Bank. The same truth is full of 10,000 hours it is almost 13 hours. From here you can also see the true capacity of Power Bank. But many problems are often overlooked by us. First, is the Power Bank's current indication that the reality is full? Is it really saturated? The logic of this problem is not complicated. We know that the Power Bank saturation is set according to the cell's own voltage. So the performance of different batteries in the voltage is the engineering error. So that the hard that can not be done accurately. And in the power supply, the chip is set to trickle charge program. When the cell is near saturation, the current required for charging requires only a small amount of current. Too much will damage the batteries. So we are generally set to 90% of the time to show full of electricity, and into the trickle charge state. This small current charge also takes an hour. Your Power Bank can get the best.
Said so much, we should fully understand the whole process of charging and time. But we have overlooked a very important question. Power Bank is a generic product that can charge all digital products. At the same time digital products with the power supply can also be charged to the Power Bank. So usually when the purchase of Power Bank are not equipped with power adapter. But many people own the power adapter specifications are not the same. Most of the adapters do not meet the actual situation on the label. So when the charge will appear too long too short. These are the normal scientific manifestations.
Finished the power of the predecessor of Power Bank, I believe we all understand the basic functions of Power Bank. Yes, as a power supply product. Its most basic function is of course charging. But now it is not the same as before can only give one or two charges charge. Now it is omnipotent, according to statistics can be compatible with 99% of the market digital products. That is to say now out of travel, bring all your high-tech equipment (digital cameras, DV, mobile phones, Tablet PC), you only need to take a Power Bank will be able to meet all the daily electricity.
Full compatibility, a machine with, is not it good to force it? Its function is always endless. Now most of the Power Bank comes with flashlight function. Full of electricity, the use of flashlight is estimated to use more than 300 hours. That is, if you use 3 hours a day, can use 100 days. Wow, good Niubi feeling. Of course more than that. And some also bring WIFI wireless routing. Just plug that Power Bank into the network cable. The computer and then plug a receiver (mobile phones and flat-panel are equipped with a WIFI receiver), so that it can be very easy wireless Internet access. There are a lot of Power Bank with radio function. Although the radio in China gradually fade out of the market. But in the "evil country" or daily necessities. It is a long-lasting power to let some of the previous traditions have become unusually strong. Is not it?

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