How Many Types Of Mobile Power?

- Apr 26, 2017 -

Field mobile power can be described as dazzling. To meet the different needs of different groups of people, with clever ingenuity of manufacturers offer a wide variety of mobile power for the majority of our users. Xiao Bian summed up by product characteristics for mobile power into the following groups:

1.the general mobile power charge function

Currently more mainstream market One type mobile power, this type of charging Po without any extension, only charging and discharging. They focus on practical, Jian Jie shapes, the daily electricity demand for mobile phones.

Ordinary mobile power

2.the internal rechargeable mobile power line

Mobile power own input or output lines, to solve the problem of portability, i.e. brought use. With the built-charge line, the user can not find the charging cable and no longer worry about the adapter.

Mobile power with stripline

3, the AC adapter comes mobile power

It comes with an AC power adapter mobile power, mobile power charger and set of functions in one combo, ideal for business travelers to use. Open AC plug can be inserted directly in the home row, or wall plug power plug mobile charge itself, but also to charge the mobile device, it can be described as two birds with one stone.

4, with a mobile power Apple MFi certification

Dedicated to the iPhone, iPad mobile power, need MFi certification. Only with qualified Apple MFi manufacturing authorized vendors can buy original genuine suppliers Lightning connector, costly and require advance orders for three months, greatly increasing the barriers to entry. Currently on the market a lot with Lightning connector or charging mobile power lines are high imitation, there can not effectively use or upgrade issues, and face the risk of infringing Apple's patents.

5, mobile power with additional functions waterproof

This movement is the most popular kind of power, in addition to charging and discharging function having ordinary mobile power, integrates a number of other useful features, such as an LED lighting function, the LCD screen display function, waterproof ruggedness and the like.

6, splicing type / mobile power split Additive

Mosaic of several independent power supply, power supply to achieve the expansion of overall capacity to deal with a large demand for electricity. When power consumption is small, but also the large-capacity power supply is disassembled into the small-capacity power supply, reducing the carrying weight, life without delay.

7, the wireless mobile power charging

Without USB connector cable, power cable connection socket do not, can achieve power portable mobile wireless charging outdoors. The advantage is to facilitate interaction data transmission speed, simple operation, set-in-one, the disadvantage is only charged close.

8, the tablet type

Designed for mobile power Tablet PC to create a major problem for the power consumption of flat products, in terms of size is more convenient for people to consider how to charge when using the tablet. Mobile power has a large capacity, it can provide continuous power to go flat products while on the move.

9, the solar charging function mobile power

With solar power panels on such movement, the use of the process, can be charged by sunlight. At present such mobile power is not very practical, and solar charging too slow, it is relatively tasteless.

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