How To Calculate The Actual U Disk Capacity

- Mar 30, 2017-

Just bought a 8G U disk, plug in the computer display capacity of only a few G 7:00, 7:00 and can only copy the files of the past few G, is not to buy counterfeit U disk is it? In fact, I should say this is not true, or to see some specific cases, following'll let you analyze it:

Because U disk manufacturers in accordance with 1G = 1000M calculation of the conversion unit, and a computer is calculated in accordance with 1024M 1G =, so the nominal capacity of the market 8G U-disk, the actual capacity is only 8 * 1000 = 8000M, not our understanding the 8 * 1024 = 8192M. 8000M 8000M used in this capacity divided by the 1024M / G (PC) = 7.8125G = 7.8G, and then deduct some of the system files occupy space might only 7.5G, so you buy the genuine 8G U disk on the computer 8G shows no capacity, generally floating around 7.5G.

This situation generally occurs in the storage industry's hard disk, U disk, MP3, MP4 and other storage products, almost all the same principle, because these products have a hidden partition, to support hard disk, U disk boot and MP3, MP4 players and other special Features. So buy is 8G U-disk, 8G show was less than on the computer, as long as the copy on your computer can go around 7.5G file and normal use of these files are normal, not virtual standard U disk.

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