How To Deal With The Situation That The U Disk Cannot Be Formatted

- Nov 17, 2018-

U disk is now very popular, but in the course of use, there will always be a variety of problems. The phenomenon that U disk can't be formatted is believed to have been encountered by many people. In the face of such problems, we are often helpless and seem to be very entangled. So what can we do if the u disk cannot be formatted? Here are four ways to deal with the U disk can not be formatted, I hope to help everyone:

Method 1: During the process of using the u disk, if the "U disk write protection" appears, the read operation cannot be entered. In addition to the above solutions, you can also use the Windows built-in fix to enter the repair operation, or use USBOOT and other software with U disk factory settings to restore the U disk reset operation.

Method 2: Another reason that the U disk cannot be displayed is that the system setting shields the use of the USB interface. This requires a registry to complete the repair operation.

Method 3: When the u disk cannot be formatted, the quickest solution is to use the u disk mass production tool to perform the factory reset operation. Of course, before this, you can also use other methods (such as "Using Windows to repair U disk", "Forced unloading volume", "Using 360 antivirus", etc.) to enter the repair operation, so that it can be solved with the minimum time and the fastest speed. Problem location

Method 4: When the u disk is connected to the computer, it is found that the computer cannot recognize the U disk, or the U disk cannot be found at all. In addition to using hardware replacement to find out if there is a problem with the hardware, you can also use the relevant software to enter the identification and enter the repair operation.

The above four methods are the phenomena that our company has encountered in actual production. In fact, there are many reasons why the u disk cannot be formatted, but as long as the correct response method is mastered, the U disk can be formatted. Of course, I suggest that when you buy a USB flash drive, don't just look cheap, ignore the quality; if you have the conditions, you can understand the performance of the USB flash drive. In addition, if you use a USB flash drive on a public computer, you can first detect and disinfect the virus. Otherwise, it is very Easy to get infected with viruses.


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