How To Download Videos To The PVC Silicone USB Drive

- Aug 09, 2016 -

1, first of all, if you are using video download software, you can download video software settings, set to be downloaded to a USB memory stick. Due to the video player has a lot of video downloads are not supported, so no video downloads in your software settings is not surprising.

But some software to download video directly, of course, will have to download the settings. In the option settings in the software, each of the options carefully to find out, will always find a download location settings. For example in the figure below the video software, find the option on the download file save settings, click Browse to the right of it.

2, appears in browse for folder, locate your Flash drive, and then click, appears in the blank box below your thumb drive, and then click OK. Then, when you use this download video, the default will be downloaded to a USB memory stick.

3, or you can search for online videos and download software to download. It is also a relatively simple and effective way. Such as Xunlei software, open the configuration of the Thunder Center, default property settings option in tasks, in the list of commonly used column, click on the select list on the right.

4, then follow as above, also is to find your USB drive, and then click OK so that, after you download the video appears on a USB drive.

5, can, of course, there's an easier way, is a place to which you download, just open the folder, drag this file with the right mouse button, then drag into the PVC silicone USB drive, you can. This is the most simple way.

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