How To Extend The Life Of The USB Flash Drive

- Sep 06, 2017 -

How to extend the life of the USB Flash Drive
In the battery technology bottleneck era, USB Flash Drive life has become a lot of users concerned about the problem, and can affect the USB Flash Drive its life, in addition to the USB Flash Drive itself, the basic work materials, but also rely on its internal The most important lithium battery life to decide. However, due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, its capacity will increase with the number of times and time to slow down. The current mobile power is mainly used in batteries with 18650 lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. Then there is no way to effectively extend the life of lithium batteries it?
Lithium batteries over the discharge is also called over-discharge, is when the lithium battery voltage drop is still obvious when it is discharged. Excessive discharge of lithium batteries will cause the capacity of the attenuation, affecting the service life, there will be a direct retirement or even the risk of explosion.
At present, many consumers have such a misunderstanding: whether it is mobile phone battery or USB Flash Drive, have to wait until there is no electricity when the charge, in fact, often do so easily lead to lithium battery life and capacity of the accelerated attenuation. Because the lithium battery discharge voltage when there is a lower limit. When the cell voltage is below 2.4V, some of the material will begin to be carbonized. Plus lithium batteries with self-discharge characteristics, put the longer the voltage will be lower.
As the lithium batteries from 3.0V discharge to 2.4V during this period, the release of energy accounts for only about 3% of battery capacity, so we have no need for this 3% of the total power caused by lithium battery life attenuation. Consumers using Android phones can record and calculate battery power and battery voltage changes by looking at the battery software that comes with the system.
And for the USB Flash Drive is also no exception, although the current market, most of the USB Flash Drive cut-off voltage are higher than 3.0V, but many of our previous evaluation can also be found, USB Flash Drive internal battery voltage has been low At 3.0V, there are still some products that can continue to provide output capability until the cell voltage drops to 2.7V or less before the output is turned off. Like this cut off the voltage set too low product, if it is often used to completely no electricity after the charge, then the internal lithium battery life and capacity will be greatly reduced.
For the newly purchased mobile power, some careful users also let the mobile power completely discharged after the mobile power is fully charged, it is said to keep the mobile power to achieve the best performance when charging. In fact, for the current lithium battery power, as long as two or three times in full charge and discharge cycle to achieve the best performance, experts also suggested that the new mobile power in the use of the first three times, it is best to extend after full 1-2 Hour, the fourth is full can be filled, which helps the lithium battery mobile power to achieve the best performance.
Try to avoid overnight use
Although the USB Flash Drive is designed in order to enable users at any time and any place, can get the same charging effect with the charging adapter, but when we actually use, should avoid the USB Flash Drive really as a USB charging adapter To use, such as the phone for a long time connected to the USB Flash Drive, it may appear USB Flash Drive power is completely depleted situation.
I believe that many consumers have bedtime mobile phone plug in the charger on the charge, to the next morning and then pull out the habit of the plug. And the charging adapter is different, USB Flash Drive itself is not a steady stream of electricity, when the phone to the late stage of the small current charging stage, the actual input current is usually only a few tens of milliamperes, if the USB Flash Drive internal light load The current set value is too small or no such setting, then even if the phone has been fully charged, USB Flash Drive does not appear to sleep or close the output state, will continue to continue small current output.
Of course, if a light-load sleep function of the USB Flash Drive can be a very good solution to this problem, when the phone is fully charged, USB Flash Drive internal circuit to detect the output current reaches a certain range, it will automatically turn off the output , At the same time into a sleep state. At this time even if you do not disconnect the phone and USB Flash Drive, there will be no continuous discharge situation.
As the current domestic USB Flash Drive market and no relevant standards and norms, resulting in many USB Flash Drive products in the design and performance are more or less there are some deficiencies, so for the vast number of consumers, in the daily use to avoid some The use of the errors is still very important, or directly choose those good reputation, quality assurance products.

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