How To Fix Usb Flash Drive Quikly

- Mar 31, 2017-

In turn open the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, storage, disk management, as shown in the screen will appear, right click and select "Initialize Disk", just click "OK" in the text "Disk 1." After initialization, U disk status changed to "Online" status. (Note: At this point the U disk lock to open, otherwise it will appear the following prompt: "Because the media write protected, subject to the requirements of the operation could not be completed.")
In the white box on the right click and choose "New Partition" and enter "New Partition" wizard, simply click "Next", select the partition type (primary partition, extended partition or logical drive), the general choice primary disk partition. (Note: The following dialog box in order of appearance, so it is not given here of the screen copy.)
Select the disk space capacity, generally use the default size.
Assign a drive letter (or assignment).
Select "with the following settings, format this partition", set in the form of formatted (file system type, allocation unit size, label) (do not select quick format).
Successful completion of the formatting wizard. Click Finish, and wait for it to complete formatting. After formatting, U disk status as "good condition", that is done.
This can usually fix the U disk recovery. However, this repair method also has a flaw, that is not to restore the original data on the U disk (all data loss !!!). If the U disk on the original data is not very important, this method is more practical.

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