How To Identify USB Flash Drive?

- Jul 05, 2017 -

How to identify USB Flash Drive?

1. Use the USB flash disk identification function in 360

The latest version of the 360 security guard has a USB Flash Drive to identify features that can test whether USB Flash Drives are adequate. You can also see the specific parameters of this USB Flash Drive. You can also vaccinate USB Flash Drive to avoid virus invasion.

2. Read the speed of reading and use the digital home software test. The most rigorous test should be the H2 comparison test. You can also put something in, take it out, look at the storage time fast, and the file is normal.

3. Watch USB flash disk quality and USB flash disk drive time

Friends should often use USB Flash Drive storage file is sensitive to the USB Flash Drive transmission speed, but the current high speed USB 3.0 USB Flash Drives the price is higher, and in the case of a write speed relative to the USB Flash Drive USB 2.0 ascension is not immediate.

Therefore, it is necessary to improve the read-write performance of USB flash disk. Today, let's experiment with a way to improve your reading and writing performance on USB Flash Drives for free.

But the friendship reminds once, this method has certain risk, it is limited to the friend that has certain practical ability to operate.

Step 1: before we get to the USB Flash Drive, we need to find out what kind of control chips are used in USB Flash Drives.

Through ChipEasy chip, this software can detect the brand and specific model of USB Flash Drive. And most importantly, it can also provide us with a download link from the home of USB Flash Drive.

Step 2: to know the chip, such as my hand of the master control chip of USB Flash Drive models is PS2251-60, and its production tools for MPALL 3.92, of course the production tool does not mean energy production USB Flash Drive. There is also a need for the configuration file for the flash memory chip in the volume production tool, but fortunately there is a corresponding flash memory configuration in this version. If not, you must download other versions of the mass production tool.

MPALL 3.92 step 3: open the production tool, insert the USB Flash Drive and then click the Settings button on the right side of the general selection basis set, the default priority mode is speed, not too many Settings.

Step 4: select the corresponding master chip model in the main control item, such as mine, ps2251-60.

It can also be used for USB flash disk partition, setting up mode and so on. If there is no special need, choose 1 partition. It's best to choose a "removable disk" with good compatibility.

Step 5: the mass production tool sets the USB flash disk to high-speed mode by default. After a simple setting, you can now click on the production button and wait for a moment.

Note: do not cancel or cut off power during mass production, or you may damage USB Flash Drive.

In the final test, you will find that the performance of the USB Flash Drive is a notch higher than before mass production. In particular, the 16K write, up to three times as much, is quite a jaw-dropping.

In addition, it's important to note that the friend's high-speed mode of using this method for the first time may affect USB Flash Drive life.

With growing mobile storage technology, USB Flash Drive capacity is more and more big, the loading and saving speed faster and faster, smaller and smaller volume, gradually replaced the heavy mobile hard disk, become a indispensable tools - with a lot of office worker.

Consumers how to correctly choose and buy USB Flash Drive, professional market branch of law enforcement personnel to consumers a few action: first, when the choose and buy the USB Flash Drive, as far as possible in formal credibility good stores, such as the quality assurance of electronics stores and specialty stores, select relatively well-known manufacturers products at home and abroad, and to ask for bill and the credit card; Try to buy USB Flash Drive with long warranty time. Those USB Flash Drives with large capacity but very low prices

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