How To Improve The Security Of USB Flash Drive

- Jul 25, 2017-

How to improve the security of USB Flash Drive

For some security issues with USB Flash Drives, you can get a big boost on some small details. USB Flash Drive is the same as a normal battery. It is safe to use, but it can still damage USB Flash Drive and explode when serious. So we need to do a normal operation, so let's talk a little bit about using the correct USB Flash Drive to improve the security.

1. Reasonable charge

When charging, must ensure the stability of the voltage, and do not touch the stimulation of the current, the summary is to have a reasonable charging environment.

2. Carefully store

USB Flash Drive should not be kept in damp places. In that environment, it is easy to be bad, and don't squeeze, especially in the case of charging, it is very likely that there will be an explosion. Also, don't be exposed to high temperatures, sun exposure, etc.

Do not use fire

It is very dangerous to burn the original body with the explosion. There are not many protective measures in USB Flash Drive now, it is not useful to pre-water, and the pre-fire is exploding, so you need to understand this.

Improve the security of USB Flash Drive, and make the USB Flash Drive more reliable.

The card USB Flash Drive and the ordinary USB Flash Drive charge the same, the card type USB Flash Drive charging method:

1. Generally, the USB Flash Drive will be attached with a transfer connector and a USB cable, for example, with MicroUSB (usually used for mobile charging), MiniUSB and a DCUSB connector.

2, generally there is a switch on the card USB Flash Drive, you can check how much electricity, have a plenty of screen display, have a plenty of light display, can judge the USB Flash Drive with how much electricity. Then on the mobile device, connect the corresponding rotary joint, then connect the DCUSB cable, and plug in the USB Flash Drive on the USB Flash Drive to start charging.

3, it is worth mentioning, generally charge card USB Flash Drive USB interface is divided into 5 v1a and 5 v2. 1 a, generally charge please pick up the 5 v1a interface, if it is an emergency charging, want fast charging can pick up 5 v2. 1 a interface, but this can create a negative impact on battery life, so pick up 5 v1a interface at ordinary times is still relatively good, recharge card USB Flash Drive and pick up 5 v1a USB interface.

We're charging USB Flash Drives essentially to charge their lithium batteries, and see the lithium battery. The first thing to notice is the selection of the standard chargers, and the chargers with no current maintenance will be charged with the USB Flash Drive.

The charging requirements for lithium batteries are as follows. Therefore, cannot overcharge, also cannot be released. Must not always charging, such as USB Flash Drive battery can't persistent after the USB Flash Drive full of electricity do not unplug the charger, otherwise, even if the specification is to maintain the USB Flash Drive circuit can also be in a long time overcharge condition reduce sensitivity of components, the USB Flash Drive using transient decay.

If your USB Flash Drive doesn't have to be a long time, it will be charged once a month.

When charging USB Flash Drive, the best energy can be charged and inserted. There are two ways to charge USB Flash Drives: computer USB and home power. Some USB Flash Drive connectors don't line up, plug into the wall socket to form the suspension, so either charge it in the terminal socket, or make the USB Flash Drive up.

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