How To Repair Mobile Usb Stick

- Jun 02, 2020-

Due to carelessness or misuse, we directly pulled out the U disk from the USB interface, which resulted in damage to the U disk or the result that the computer could not recognize the U disk. At this point, many people think that the USB flash drive has been scrapped and can no longer be used. And I tell you today-a repair method to recover your unnecessary losses, the specific operation method is as follows:

2gb usb flash drive metal key shape

1. Open the control panel, management tools, computer management, storage, disk in sequence

To manage, right-click on the text "Disk 1", select "Initialize Disk", and click "OK" directly.

2. After the initialization is completed, the state of the ∪ disk becomes the "online" state.

3. Note that the lock of the U disk must be open at this time, otherwise the following prompt will appear: "Because the media is write-protected, the requested operation cannot be completed."

4. Right-click on the white box on the right and select "New Disk Partition" to enter the New Disk

In the Zone Wizard, click Next directly and select the partition type (main disk partition, extended disk partition, or logical drive). Generally, you can select the main disk partition.

Next step: Select the disk space capacity:-Generally use the default size.

Next step: Assign a drive letter (or no assignment).

Next step: Select "Format this disk partition according to the following settings" to set the format (file system type, allocation unit size, volume label) (no need to select quick format).

Next step: Successful completion of formatting wizard. Click Finish and wait for the formatting to complete. After formatting is completed, the status of the USB flash drive is displayed as "Good condition", that is, you are done.

This repair method can generally restore the U disk. However, this repair method also has a disadvantage that the original data on the U disk cannot be restored. If there are very important files on the disk, it must be restored. It is recommended to go to a professional company.

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