How To Safely Use Power Bank

- May 02, 2017-

Mobile power charging treasure called in recent years caused a lot of accidents. Therefore, in daily use, please note the following:

How to safely use power bank

1.the purchase of mobile power, you need to pay attention to choose a regular mobile power manufacturers.

2.the excess charge is prohibited, and not long after pulling power away from the office area. Use of the process of charging treasure, it is best not to play phone or phone, especially hot when the phone will stop charging. Prevent burn phone, but not free to drop, knock or shake the mobile power, can easily lead to violent shaking lithium dislocation internal structure, thereby causing a short circuit, short circuit will blow the battery, the batteries do not or if the control circuit well, it is likely to lead to spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries.

3.inflammable and explosive materials in the storage is prohibited, and then placed in chemicals or high or low temperature environment charge, to be far away from precautionary unburned, in order to avoid accidents. Especially in the summer, do not put mobile power on the car, the car's summer temperatures usually very high, space is relatively closed, move the power supply in the car is a great security risk. not disassemble and move the transformation of power. Electrolyte solution is generally strongly alkaline, water decomposition. Lithium electrolytic decomposition after re-dissolving the surface of lithium hydroxide, the body discomfort, possible damage to the eye when a high concentration of soft. In addition, a large number of lithium battery electrolyte when exposed plenty of water, probably due to the rapid exothermic decomposition and explosion.

5.when the mobile power is not used, please put it in dry air, avoid metal material in contact with a short circuit, in particular the discharge pocket and inside the package, to be noted that small pieces of metal from entering the USB output port, resulting in mobile power short circuit. power during charge and discharge heat is to be noted, so as not to cause poor cooling hot mobile power, reducing the life of mobile power, resulting in damage, such as spontaneous combustion or even explosion hazard.

7.rohibited pull with wet hands, the charger is charging plug contact, or mobile power cable, electrical connection in order to avoid accidents.

8.preferably not frequently used monthly mobile power supply for charging and discharging a movement to extend the life of mobile power, mobile power is not used for a long time, preferably 50% charge retention state storage.

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