How To Use The OTG Function U Disk (mobile Phone USB)?

- May 11, 2017-

OTG is the On-The-Go abbreviation technology is developed in recent years, December 18, 2001 published by the USB Implementers Forum, mainly used in all kinds of connection between different devices or mobile devices for data exchange. In particular PDA, mobile phone, consumer devices. The changing formats between multiple different device connectors digital cameras, cameras, printers, etc., up to seven kinds of inconvenience between the memory card standard data exchange.

the mobile phone U disk


First,A mobile phone connected to U-Brush

1. The phone U disk connected to the phone until the USB is connected, the USB icon appears, your phone and mobile phone U disk is connected on the phone.

2. After connection, turn on the phone file manager, you will find a cell phone usbStorage folder inside appeared sda folder, this file is the phone U disk space.

3. You can open a file format sda folder inside the pictures, music, video and other directly. May be you need to copy something, copy to the phone (file management method varies depending on each device is different).

Second, the mobile phone U disk connected to the computer

1. The phone U disk connected to the computer.

2. Other methods of operation such as normal U disk

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