How To Use U Disk Card?

- May 04, 2017 -

U disk card can not only attract the attention of others, but also show the corporate image. Whether the press conference, new products, advertising and other promotional card U disk can play a significant role.

As a corporate gift or for customer feedback, product information, business promotion, contact information, etc. may be built in the u disk. And can color the way, the customer's name and unique code printed on the U disk, highlight customer distinguished and unique. Every year, large and small, domestic and international exhibitions, the show is produced before the list of exhibitors book, a big thick book, but bulky waste of paper and resources. Many customers get back on the shelf or sold as scrap, and then later send burn a disc, but the disc will fix lost or wear could not be read here. Well now, the company directory production to the U disk, and can not be deleted. When customers who are able to use the U disk, and can call any time to find some of the information and data needed, and thin U disk card in your wallet or name card holder can in this case no longer have to worry about easy to lose, and no longer it is never too bulky.

Use a card U disk is actually very simple, although simple, but there are still many people do not use. First, while the left hand U disk card online hard top, right thumb press firmly down, refer to the diagram in detail:

How to use U disk card

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