Inside Metal U Disk Has Become A Shortcut To Do

- Aug 09, 2016 -

First/operations to this. EXE virus called file virus, which can kill the virus antivirus software antivirus software is called USBCleaner6.0 has a cure to the virus. Before you download this to kill the virus, then I'll teach you the principles of virus. First of all tell you, you open the folder, choose folder options, all files and file name extensions, and to open protected file. So your machine naked, all can see it. Here we right-click the USB drive open, be sure to right-click. Because you double click will automatically perform an Autorun.inf file, wrote a piece of code inside this file is started automatically inside the virus, so you double-click on behalf of open viruses. After you first delete Autorun.inf, and then create a new folder named Autorun.inf which is inhibiting regeneration of the virus, so you open the USB flash drive you can double-click on the. The same, and so is your machine's hard drive, to create autorun.inf behind what you see in your folder, there must be n installation package is 1.14MB, an installation package, the name is the file name of your USB flash drive and followed all the. EXE era. And you are all the files hidden, this virus is the damn place. To hide your original file, using viruses instead of your file, folder icons to lure everyone. (Typically I expand the name of the machine is closed, so we do not know if this is a virus, in fact it opened extension to see this folder also followed. EXE, so funny OH) then you gradually the virus removal, and don't worry, your folders are restored to the original, because their properties were changed system files, hidden, read-only. You just go to run and enter CMD and then enter the path (for example CD h enter enter h, and then enter the attrib-s +-r-h file name extension so that the file will remove s r read-only h hidden a virus I had Chinese, disgusting. Then I got it, I recommend you USBCleaner6.0 can be completely cleaned up, you go online to download a.

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