Later Through The Web Page Can Also Directly Browse U Disk, Google's New Technology!

- Jun 08, 2018-

Two Google developers submitted a draft to the W3C WICG (Web Incubator Community Group), which described a method for connecting U-disks to web pages. Through this method, you can use the web page to read and write U disk directly.


The new API is called WebUSB, and device manufacturers can provide a "registration and login page" to host the JavaScript SDK of the U disk they produce. The website can load these SDKs as iframes, allowing web pages to access U disk and relay commands.

In order to protect privacy and security, WebUSB also includes a system similar to cross-domain resource sharing to prevent this feature from being abused. WebUSB allows USB flash drives to provide data to their chosen white list. U disk determines who the data is provided to, and the website has no decision on U disk.

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