Market Demand For USB Flash Drive

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Market demand for USB Flash Drive
    USB Flash Drive manufacturers from the latest IDC survey report, in 2008 the domestic mobile phone and digital electronic total users more than 800 million, digital cameras and other electronic products is more than 100 million users. The mobile terminal power supply bottleneck problem is the world and consumers generally concerned about the problem. USB Flash Drive manufacturers based on conservative data analysis, only in accordance with the market 3% immediate purchase demand, that is more than a year of USB Flash Drive market capacity of about 24 million units, that is, up to 50 billion market sales capacity. In other words, USB Flash Drive market is still in a very unsaturated state. So how can we meet such a market state?
    USB Flash Drive manufacturer analysis said: With the mobile phone large screen mainstream configuration, digital electronic products, multi-functional integration, the terminal mobile electronic products are increasingly used frequently, in the power supply is often subject to power supply embarrassment , And failed to deal with and enjoy the things almost at any time troubled users.
    June 14, 2007, the national mandatory mobile phone manufacturers after the new production of mobile phone charger is not as standard, unified USB interface cable standard will also greatly drive the USB Flash Drive products versatility, and promote market demand. USB Flash Drive manufacturers of the analysis shows the USB Flash Drive market urgently need high quality, in line with user expectations of products to meet people's needs.
    For USB Flash Drive manufacturers, the target market is the preferred product and market leading brand of USB Flash Drive for mobile digital electronics such as mobile phones, digital players, camcorders, video machines, PMP, MP3 / 4, notebook computers and so on.
    USB Flash Drive manufacturers are mainly aimed at the following target market: 1, the mobile phone market 2, the tourism market 3, supporting the market 4, the promotion of the market 5, the gift market 6, the port hotel
In this time from shopping to nail, from eating to travel, from home to society are fully dependent on the mobile side of the era, everyone can not do without a smart phone, a USB Flash Drive. Perhaps a decade ago, USB Flash Drive manufacturers USB Flash Drive is not a well-known products, but ten years later, USB Flash Drive manufacturers power supply has become an essential part of modern life.
    Launched with the smart phone industry, and the rise of smart phones let USB Flash Drive manufacturers from scratch, USB Flash Drive manufacturers achievements of a new industry.
    For the entire USB Flash Drive manufacturers industry, USB Flash Drive, from a small accessory for the development of a large-scale industry, is in this rapidly changing Internet economy, a typical technology to promote the process of industrial rise, and a brand USB Flash Drive manufacturers, has also become a representative of the epitome.
    Despite years of years, USB Flash Drive manufacturer power supply in terms of sales or the number of manufacturers in the industry have a rise in the number of geometric progression. But from beginning to end, few USB Flash Drive brand in the eyes of consumers left an impression. People buy USB Flash Drive, but do not mind its brand, for many people, on the one hand, unlike other industries, USB Flash Drive lack of "trust big" impression, a lot of cheap small brand products within a short period of time It is difficult to obviously feel the use of the difference.
    How does USB Flash Drive develop after three years? USB Flash Drive manufacturers black light technology that, as we move more deeply into the mobile side of all aspects of life, personal dependence on smart phones is getting higher and higher, the overall power consumption of smart phones will be improved, the USB Flash Drive demand will only increase.

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