OTG USB Flash Drive

- Jun 16, 2020-

It is well known that a mobile phone is connected to a USB flash drive and requires a computer as a medium. But now the mobile phone has OTG function, using it, the mobile phone can be directly connected to the U disk.


What exactly is the OTG function? What is the use? And how to use it? Let's take a look at the following, learn to connect U disk without using a computer!

What exactly is OTG?

OTG is called On-The-Go, the main function is to provide a link between mobile smart devices and U disk! Because the interface of the mobile device is mostly USB MIcro, but the interface of the U disk is USB, you need an OTG data cable as a connection support.


What are the functions of OTG?

Function 1: Through OTG, the mobile phone can supply power to USB fans and desk lamps.

Function 2: Through OTG, some gamepads can be connected with mobile smart devices.

Function 3: Through OTG, the mobile phone can directly connect the U disk and the card reader.

Function 4: Through OTG, the mobile phone can directly connect to the mobile hard disk to read data.

Function 5: Through OTG, some cameras can also connect U disk to read photos and videos.

Function 6: Through OTG, the mobile phone can be directly connected to the mouse to use

The above is the commonly used method of OTG, and now the mobile phones listed basically have OTG function!

The most commonly used function of OTG should be to connect the U disk to back up data. For example, there are many important data in the mobile phone that need to be saved to the U disk. We prepare an OTG data cable to connect the U disk. After the connection is successful, you can manage the file The information is copied to the USB disk, so that no computer transfer is required.

The above is the content shared today, OTG is still very useful, friends who are interested can try it!

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