Pen Drive On The Phone's Harm

- Aug 25, 2017-

Pen Drive on the phone's harm
       Recently, after the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and other institutions on the Pen Drive sampling, found that the Pen Drive virtual standard serious, many products exist security risks, there are a lot of Pen Drive in the board when the aircraft is not required because of the deduction. Pen Drive spontaneous combustion, the news of the explosion constantly, consumers are also very confused, are asked to use the Pen Drive on the phone hurt?
   Pen Drive is to provide support for the phone and born, but the Pen Drive market confusion, only the brand Pen Drive does not hurt the phone. The fire has been engaged in the Pen Drive industry for more than 11 years and is one of the brands to develop and produce Pen Drives. Fire Pen Drive has short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, voltage protection, load protection, overcharge protection and other 12 heavy protection, safe output, do not hurt the phone.
  Pen Drive market quite a mixed bag, placard Pen Drive full of them. This type of Pen Drive in the product is generally only brand identity, and will not mark the manufacturer, will not mark the product capacity and input and output voltage, and many products inside the built-in cement, sand, security risks. Such products are also known as three no products, often spontaneous combustion, explosion, not only will damage the phone, serious will fire, the loss will be great. So when the choice of Pen Drive, the choice of fire like this old brand more secure.
  Mobile phones are more and more, and thus more and more problems: the smart phone screen is growing, the battery life is becoming increasingly prominent, Pen Drive will emerge as the times require. However, with the occurrence of multiple spontaneous combustion accidents, Pen Drive safety issues cause concern. Led to these reasons is more and more manufacturers of Pen Drive, according to statistics, at present, the market has nearly 5,000 Pen Drive manufacturers, compared to last year's 500, 10 times the growth. Due to a lot of money into the Pen Drive industry, the industry there are a lot of quick success speculation, coupled with the manufacturers of their own war, the industry standard is missing, frequent security incidents, Pen Drive market appears to flourish, in fact, behind the hidden frequency. And failed to deal with and enjoy the things almost at any time troubled users.
 At present, according to the relevant data statistics, Pen Drive industry value has more than 50 billion, in the fierce competition in the industry, low-quality cottage everywhere, the price warfare everywhere, Pen Drive into the brutal brand separatist war. As many small and medium-sized manufacturers flocked to lead to brand increase, product quality varies greatly, a lot of "fishing a left" spoiler cottage capital, Pen Drive market crisis on the verge of the future development bottleneck limited. It is because more and more large well-known brand manufacturers to join the future of the Pen Drive market, will be a highly centralized market brand.
     Bill Gates once said that the next five years, touch, visual and voice interface will become more important, that is, the so-called "natural user interface." Modern fire has been to adhere to this concept. Is committed to the forefront of new technology and new products, through the international brand manufacturers of technology, expand the use of electronic products, the network will contact the world, the perfect combination of touch, so that people can enjoy leisure and leisure office to enjoy convenient shortcuts, everywhere for the sake of the guests The Dedicated to transform the imported Pen Drive, build brand strong, low price, high quality Pen Drive, and strive to quickly occupy the position in the Pen Drive market.
Now the phone has become a common daily life in the same digital equipment, in addition to the basic communication functions, but also gradually added to the Internet, audio playback, games and a series of highly practical features to support these features of software applications to achieve the power From the mobile phone battery, but out of portability or technical and other factors, mobile phone battery itself has been low storage capacity, iPhone mobile phone can not be demolished battery design to push the battery power to the point where the move, and the emergence of Pen Drive Greatly easing this embarrassing situation.

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